Make Room in the Butts-Mehre Trophy Case

Athens Banner-Herald blogger Jim Thompson has a brief but interesting entry entitled “A Sobering Assessment of UGA fans” that’s sure to stir up an equal mixture of shame and pride in the heart of every Dawg fan.

It’s about a UT fan’s letter to the editor of The Chattanoogan.  UGA’s Office of Public Affairs included the clip in an e-compilation of positive and negative coverage of the University.  We’ll let you decide which of those 2 labels applies:

A writer complained that a group of male UGA fans, presumably students, “showed themselves to be disruptive, abusive, foul mouthed, drunken fools, all of whom shouted obscenities at others sitting around them and one of whom threw a bottle hitting a little boy in the head a number of rows in front.

The writer goes on to note “that certainly wasn’t the first time Georgia students had acted in such a manner while visiting the UT campus and … one had better be able to take the abuse when visiting the stadium at University of Georgia. … Having attended games at all of the SEC stadiums with the exception of Arkansas and Mississippi State, I can tell you the UGA fans are the most abusive and hostile of all.

Clearly this writer hasn’t spent time with Gator fans in JAX during their SEC stadium tour, and I guess they lost their hearing while hanging around LSU loyalists in Death Valley.  Either way, the best part of the blog can actually be found in the comments below it:

Bdawgfan, we salute you.

(Ed.note – Is anyone else not really that shocked that he made that comment at 2:00 in the morning?)


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"I mean, Bozo the Clown...does he really need "the clown" in his title, as clown? Bozo, "the" clown? Are we going to confuse him with Bozo the district attorney? Bozo the pope? There's no other Bozo..." - Jerry Seinfeld I'm a 2003 alumni of the University of Georgia and a die-hard (but reasonable) fan of the Dawgs. I actually am a lawyer and a Seinfeld fan, so that makes the name even more clever. So you see what I did there? I took my profession, a Seinfeld reference, and just substituted in the name of a UGA coach and *viola.* Blog brilliance.

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