Between the Ledges

     The Red and Whack is the attempt of two University of Georgia alums to inject some sanity into the often-insane college football blogosphere, especially those covering UGA.

     After years of reading and trading links from various UGA, SEC, and college football blogs, we reached the conclusion that  most fans and bloggers are certifiably nuts.  They’re always ready to jump off the nearest ledge if we don’t fire a certain assistant coach or sign some “can’t miss” recruit that convinced them is Herschel Walker 2.0.   The offenders usually fit into the following 4 groups:

1.  Commenters on the AJC, Dawg Vent, etc.  

Pretty self-explanatory, but if you’re not sure why these folks need to be committed, go ahead: surf over to these sites.  Force yourself to read even a few of these whack jobs’ rants.  Just make sure you have a hammer to smash yourself in the head with, too. If you have a friend whose post-game Facebook statuses have more exclamation points than correctly-spelled words, congratulations, you’re acquainted with members of this group.

"Oh no, not another Herschel anecdote!"

2.  Delusional “back in my day” alumni/bloggers.

Not all UGA alums or bloggers qualify to join the Manson Family.  But a large number just can’t seem to let go of the days of Herschel and Erk.  This is the golden era of UGA football to them, ignoring that Dooley had plenty of bad years before #34 suited up and started running over DBs.  Many are blind slaves to tradition.  They refuse to even consider alternatives, like the mere possibility that playing the Florida Gators in Florida might be just a slight disadvantage compared to getting them between the hedges once in a while.  Have you ever found yourself at a tailgate listening to an alum wax poetic about the 1962 UGA-Clemson game?  Or read a blog that finds an excuse to post that same picture of Erk’s bloody forehead every 3 weeks?  Then you’ve visited the twilight zone that these folks call home.

3.  Uninformed, out of touch, and overreactive fans.

You know these guys.  Their go-to solution after the Dawgs have a bad game is to immediately fire Mark Richt, Mike Bobo, Kathryn Richt, Sanford’s groundskeeper, etc.  They may argue in favor of other insane ideas, like playing a 2-star backup with two dozen “garbage time” reps over an all-SEC upperclassman (I’m looking at you, Hutson Mason fans).  Some are convinced that if we fire Richt then Bill Belichick will give up winning Super Bowls to coach here.  Members of this group have a lot in common with those in group #1.  Especially when it comes to medications they should be taking.

"What year did you graduate?" "I didn't, Coach. Couldn't you tell by the jersey?"

4.  High-n-Mighty Non-Alum/Non-Student Fans.  

We don’t have a problem with someone rooting for a school they didn’t attend.  If your school’s fan base doesn’t include those folks, it doesn’t have a legit program and you’re probably a Tech alum.  But let’s be clear:  Cheer all you want.  Wear the official jerseys that aren’t allowed to have players’ names on them.  Hell, come to Athens for the games.  Just don’t act like fan-wise you’re  equal to those of us who actually attended the University.  We’ll be tied to our school ’til we croak.   You’ve got the luxury of changing your mind – and PLENTY of you do when the program is down. You can go back to watching local H.S. football until they’re winning again, or put on a ridiculous-looking houndstooth hat and pretend you’ve always been a Tide fan.  At the end of the day, we both know that your emotional connection to UGA is about as solid as the one you have to your favorite pro wrestler.   Alums have to put up with our Tiger-Gator-Bama-Gamecock-Jacket coworkers forever.  As long as members of this group understand that, they’re fine by us.  But unfortunately most end up joining groups #1 and #3.

This isn’t an exhaustive list.  Unfortunately, there’s plenty of other offenders of all ages and backgrounds.

Understand: most of the Bulldog Nation isn’t insane (that honor goes to Gamecocks fans), nor does UGA have an above-average share of nutjobs. But they are out there.  The Red and Whack is here to counteract them and give voice to the silent majority of UGA and college football fans who aren’t going off the rails on a crazy train.

Sometimes we’ll call offenders out.  Sometimes we’ll try to be the voice(s) of reason.  Sometimes we’ll just give our take on the Dawgs, the SEC, and college ball.  But fortunately, we’ll never be fitted for Nike Pro Combat straitjackets.

Enjoy, and Go Dawgs.


About Bobo The District Attorney

"I mean, Bozo the Clown...does he really need "the clown" in his title, as clown? Bozo, "the" clown? Are we going to confuse him with Bozo the district attorney? Bozo the pope? There's no other Bozo..." - Jerry Seinfeld I'm a 2003 alumni of the University of Georgia and a die-hard (but reasonable) fan of the Dawgs. I actually am a lawyer and a Seinfeld fan, so that makes the name even more clever. So you see what I did there? I took my profession, a Seinfeld reference, and just substituted in the name of a UGA coach and *viola.* Blog brilliance.

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